I'm Hannah, a research-driven UX designer.

Based in the PNW, from the heart of the midwest

I leverage my background in HCI, Computer Science, and Communication to create research-driven digital experiences that address real human needs.

Seeking full-time UX positions in Portland, OR upon graduation in Sep. 2019. Feel free to reach out through LinkedIn or at hlj.inbox@gmail.com!

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How it all Started
While growing up in the small town of Andover, Kansas, technology empowered me to creatively explore my identity, exposed me to new perspectives, and connected me with others from across the world. This collective impact on my adolescent experience catalyzed a fascination toward human connection through technology - one that would eventually lead me to User Experience design.

A Deep Dive into Technology
I went on to study Computer Science at the University of Kansas, where I deepened my understanding of how software systems are designed and built. In parallel to my studies, I interned and freelanced as a UX designer and researcher, pursuing my desire to further understand human motivation, behavior, and emotion in the context of digital experiences.

Graduate Studies in HCI + Design
This year I’m thrilled to be further developing my craft at the University of Washington in the graduate MHCI+D program, an opportunity to learn from thought leaders in the field while working on industry-sponsored design studio projects. In my spare time I rock climb, obsess over food, and dog-watch at local parks.

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I write, too

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